Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Isn't it strange how different we all are?

Yesterday I went to pick up Muffin Man from daycare and saw another mom and her son as they were coming out. Her son only recently moved up to the toddler room. He's about 22 months. She's carrying him.

Me: "Oh my goodness, how he's grown!"
Her: "Yes, and he's walking so well too."
Him: (Stretches out arms for me to take him)
Me: "Can I?"
Her: "Sure!" (I do)

People. This boy is heavy.

Me: "Holy Guacamole! What a big boy you are!"
Her: "35 pounds."
Me: "Wow!"
Her: "Your son is getting so tall."
Me: "Yes, I'm living vicariously through my tall son."

People. My son is 2 years older, 1 and a half feet taller and 5 pounds lighter than her son. And her son isn't FAT, he's dense. I swear, she's feeding him lead weights or something. But he's awfully cute.


Phantom Scribbler said...

Yes. I picked up 19-month-old Neighbor Boy yesterday, and almost broke my back. He weighs more than my 30-lb. four-year-old.

Can I live vicariously through your tall son, too?

Yankee T said...

Older Daughter was teeny-tiny...always in the 5th percentile for height, and not even on the charts for weight, until she got to about 50/50 in 4th grade... Every time I picked up someone else's kid, I almost broke my back. Funny.

Running2Ks said...

I guess there are no comparisons. I'm always amazed by how different kids are.

Even my own 2--they don't look related, and nothing about them physically even bears resemblance.

Genetics, a confounding mystery.

ccw said...

Kid L started out small, but rapidly took off. I was always so used to her weight that I nearly threw my niece over my shoulder when I picked her up because she was so light.

Now, Baby H is the tall, light kid and I can barely hold other babies because they are so heavy. I think there are a lot of parents feeding their kids lead weights. LOL

susan said...

I have this experience all the time... curious girl (at 3 and a bit) weighs something over 24 lbs. Sounds like she's the size of Yankee's OD. Someone's got to anchor the bottom of the weight charts!

Mrs. Coulter said...

Lyra is teeny tiny. My mom is making her a purple fun fur coat, and wanted me to measure her height so she can make sure that the coat doesn't drag on the floor. At 17 months, she's 30 inches tall. Two and a half feet! She weighs about 18lbs. Yes, she's still rear-facing in her car seat. The ped says she's making her own growth curve (it's off the bottom of the standard chart). Based on my history, she'll be rear-facing until at least age 2, and be legally required to sit in a car seat until at least age 6 (I was 35lbs when I started kindergarten). I am starting to have trouble guessing ages based on size, because every child is so much bigger than she is. I just try to guess who's acting like she does...

liz said...

Welcome Mrs. Coulter and Susan! Glad to have you here.

Suburban Turmoil said...

I think I've got a dense baby girl! She's not chubby at all, but man is she solid. I think she's gonna be built like her sister. The girl is 5'4" and 125 pounds with not AN OUNCE of flab. Seriously. She wears a size 2 and is by all appearances an impossibly skinny teen. It's unreal. She must be solid muscle.

Julie said...

Well, shoot, my 2yo weighs around 35 lbs. Actually he's, let's see...28 months. All my kids were at least 9 lbs at birth and in the 90th percentiles until around age 3. Now the older ones blend in with all the other kids; I assume the little guy will do the same.