Thursday, March 09, 2006

I'm ready

I have to do a presentation with a small group of my classmates tomorrow in my Communications class. Basically, we have to teach the class for 20 minutes. I just finished putting the finishing touches on our hand-outs and--after e-mailing them to the group, the professor (Prof. LooksLikeSheMightBeJo(e)), and the department as required--I printed out 30 copies.

Our topic is Cultural Stereotyping. My little section is on the benefits for the stereotyper. What are the benefits, you ask? I'm so glad you asked!

The benefits of cultural stereotyping are as follows: They help you predict what will happen and they help you behave appropriately with people from other cultures. If, while walking down Central Park West on the 24th of December, you saw a man wearing a yarmulke, you would probably refrain from wishing him a Merry Christmas and, instead, express your hope that he would have a Happy Hanukah. If you saw a man wearing a yarmulke in Rome, you'd probably kiss his ring. Stereotypes are shortcuts, roadmaps that can assist us in unfamiliar territory.

One of my team-mates will be doing the drawbacks. Of which there are many. We have a pretty good activity for the class to do, as well.

And then....Spring Break!


J. said...

Good luck on your presentation. It does sound interesting. I find it a bit ironic that stereotyping has gotten such a bad stereotype.

Enjoy spring break!

Yankee T said...

I would totally love taking a class with you.

halloweenlover said...

That sounds fabulous. I'm so glad spring break is here! Hurray!