Friday, January 19, 2007

The rationale behind what I gave my giftee for WHOYCBE (Winter Holiday of Your Choice Blog Extravaganza)

My giftee was Art Sweet, whom I was very glad to get to know. Now that this is over, I can link to her - Hi Art Sweet!!!

Art Sweet is a diabetic. She's adopting a baby from Guatemala. She likes chocolate, coffee, vanilla scents, flannel sheets and clothes warm from the dryer. She loves to sit in front of the fire. She like children's books and beautiful, useful handmade things. Hates hot pink, GWB and his cronies, won't eat cashews. She is a photographer, and is finally owning up to it.

So, since I couldn't evict GWB from the White House, here's how I shopped for Art Sweet:

First, I picked up MM from school. We went to the mall and he claimed he was hungry, so we stopped and had some pizza. Then I offered him a deal. No whining or complaining while I shopped, and I'd get him a present too.

First off, chocolate. We went down to Godiva's and got a little box with 2 truffles in it for a tiny bit of indulgence without having to check blood sugars too much.

Next, vanilla. We went to the body shop, but I didn't find anything there that really sang to me, so we went to a candle shop and found a vanilla cupcake candle with a lovely triangle candle holder.

Coffee? We went hunting for good coffee and a pretty cup, but it was no dice.

Pretty, useful, homemade? I had intended to knit a pair of mittens and time got away from me. I really regret that. Art Sweet, honey, IOU a pair of mittens, okay?

Photographer...photographer...Picture frame? I hunted but couldn't find just the right thing for when she brings Guatebaby home with her.

Flannel sheets...didn't fit the budget, but I found an oversized fleece throw that was like buttuh. Sooooo cozy and soft.

Children's books. Now, as you know. I'm a fan of children's books. I'm a big, big fan of Frances Hodgsen Burnett (y'know, A Secret Garden. A Little Princess. Little Lord Fauntleroy). Not so well known is the fact that FHB also wrote books for adults, some of which have only just now come back into print. I sent along The Making of a Marchioness.

So the box I sent is a recipe for a cozy night by the fire: A box of chocolates, a vanilla candle, a fleecy throw, and a good book. I hope that it helps occupy your time until Guatebaby arrives, Art Sweet!!!


mommy d said...

What a sweet blog friend you are!

Angie said...

What an excellent gift to receive!

purple_kangaroo said...

How lovely! I love FHB too, and I'm going to definitely have to find a copy of that book to read.