Saturday, February 24, 2007

Wow...The Force is....hypnotic

The Scene: The big-screen tv room at Microcenter.

The characters: MM and I.

MM: Is that Darth Vader?

Me: Yes.

MM: Who's that with the hair?

Me: Princess Leia. You remember Miss Beautiful Hawaiian Teacher was her for Halloween.

MM: Oh yeah.

(stands watching)

MM: Who's the furry guy?

Me: Chewbacca.

MM: Why'd that planet blow up? Why're they all cheering? Why did the princess change her hair? Why aren't they saying anything? Why didn't the furry guy get a prize? Why didn't Darth Vader win?

Me: Do you want to see the movie from the beginning sometime? We have it at our house.

MM: No. It's not very interesting.

Me: (thinking) Well, for not being interested, you sure asked alot of questions!


Mummy/Crit said...

Can I say "be happy that he wasn't very interested"? So now you don't have to go down that whole Episode 3 route, that you just don't want to with a 5 year old....later maybe. D keeps asking about Star Wars and "can I watch it" and then "why not?". I have no good answers, other than "I don't think it's appropriate viewing for a 6 year old". He has friends who have seen it...The first ones (4,5&6) would be OK...

Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

Meanwhile, AB keeps asking "Am I 4 yet?" Because I've told him he can watch it when he's 4 (that's when I first saw A New Hope). In fact, before MM's party, AB stated, "MM has already seen Star Wars."

Jenn said...

*hee* Why didn't the furry guy get a prize. *hee*

Genevieve said...

Give furry guy a prize, yeah! I think I wondered that when I first saw it too.

I hear you, mummy/crit. I showed my 6 year old episodes 4, 5, and 6 (he saw 4 a couple years ago, saw 5 and 6 last month). Said no way to 1-3 for a few years. (Besides, they're crummy - which he accepts as a further explanation.)