Friday, September 05, 2008

Security Blanket Sweatshirt

When I brought MM to his new school last week to meet his teacher and see his classroom, I also bought him a hooded pocket sweatshirt with the name and mascot of his school in the school colors across the front.

He loves that sweatshirt.

The first day of school, he wore it and felt confident and part of things.
The second day of school, he wore it and felt confident and part of things.
The third day of school we couldn't find it.

Oh No! Mommy! I don't want to go! Come with me!

Last night, MS found it (in the cabinet of MM's new desk...yeah, that's where I would have put a beloved sweatshirt too. Sheesh).

Today, he wore it and felt confident and part of things.

I have a feeling that come June that sweatshirt will have been loved to pieces. Perhaps I should buy a few spares.


kathy a. said...

aww, so sweet! and yes, sweatshirts [and other belongings] do end up in mysterious places...

never hurts to have a backup, if only because you may not want to do laundry on the day something disgusting gets all over the beloved sweatshirt. but i'd suggest going conservative on the number of backups, because [a] what they love today, they may un-love in a month, and [b] they grow.

so glad he is having a wonderful time!

Ramblin' Red said...

ditto kathy, here - she sounds wise :)

Mummy/Crit said...

That's a lovely story Liz. I like the idea that his sweatshirt helps him to feel part of things. Here most of the schools have uniforms (even the ones run by the government, like D'Arcy's) which the kids are encouraged to wear, or at least to wear something in the 'school colours' (D'Arcy's are sky blue and navy). The school's line is that it fosters 'school spirit' and it sounds like there might be something in it. I'd been a bit cynical in the past, but MM's reaction makes me think there's something to it!

jenn said...

This is why I buy four of a shirt when I like it. A shirt that looks good/feels good is certainly a secure feeling!

How exciting for MM!