Thursday, November 20, 2008

Y is for children yelling because they are so happy

And Z is for children running around and acting zany.

Yes, MM was both Y and Z, the only child in his class to have two roles.

And the turkey luncheon was pretty tasty.


Dr. Corndog said...

Yelling and Zany? I know MM did a great job, but my boys were born to play that role. Glad you had fun.

Genevieve said...

Those are awesome choices for Y and Z! I love a teacher that recognizes kids want to run around and yell sometimes.

ccw said...

I would love to see MM doing both.

kathy a. said...

you-tube! you-tube! you-tube!

ahem. what ccw said.

also, i got the best word verification evah: lionsies.