Thursday, June 25, 2009

The BlogHer ads really annoy me

Have you noticed that if you try to use the back button to get out of the pages that have them, you find yourself stuck on that page? I'm going to leave a comment about it on the blogs that carry them to see if they can solve that problem.

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badgermama said...

Hey Mystery Mommy Liz, I noticed your comment and if there is a problem, I'd love to dig into that and make sure it gets fixed. None of our ads at BlogHer should interfere with your browser's ability to use the back button.

Might you email me, or give me any details of what page you were viewing where you got stuck? Any specifics you can give me may help, like what browser you're using, what ad is on the screen on what blog, even a screen shot. Any of that might help me in troubleshooting, but I need to be able to see and replicate the problem. 8-)


Liz Henry
Web Producer