Thursday, November 03, 2011

More cheap, non-crafty costumes: grown-up edition

Three years ago, Muffin Man was Anakin Skywalker for Halloween (alas, a purchased costume).

And me, being me? I was a Princess.

Mystery Mommy as Princess Leia Morgana.
Character copyright George Lucas

Ingredients: White poet shirt (bought in, I am not joking, 1989. From Victoria's Secret. I know.) over a white turtleneck and cinched with a black belt. Beige pants, white sneakers. Iconic hairstyle.

I look bulkier than usual because there is a sweatshirt underneath the turtleneck.

Not a perfect match, by any means, but I got the flavor right. Everyone knew immediately who I was supposed to be, and MM loved that I was playing his character's daughter.

The only item purchased new for this costume were the hairpins.


kathy a. said...

more great costume work!

in my career as the costume lady, i outfitted entire classrooms for international day, and also did some for class performances, school plays, and vests for the chorus. somewhere over 200 in all! (india; persia; peru; england; pilgims; civil war; renaissance; "our town"; midsummer night's dream; holiday stuff; etc.)

so, i am a great fan of the cheap and easy, and using what's at hand. costumes just need to make a certain impression.

p.s. -- iron-on hem tape. fabric paint, to imitate embroidery. felt is the best for quick/easy, since it needs no finishing and can be trimmed as needed. pants/skirts with elastic around the waist secured by safety pin, for easy adjustments. safety pins generally. some splashy touch or another to make that impression. voila.

kathy a. said...

oh, that sounded braggy. but it was really, really fun. and my costume days happened over about 10 years.