Saturday, April 09, 2005

Where'd this guy come from?

So, I'm officially here. Got a comment from one of my favorite bloggers! Hi, Phantom Scribbler!

Today is another beautiful day. We went to Target and bought Muffin Man a bicycle helmet so that he can ride his tricycle outside. He's desperate for a real two-wheeler, so that's probably on the agenda in the next month or two. While we were scouting around in Sporting Goods, MM spotted a baseball bat that was just his size (plastic and bright red) and so we got that and some wiffle balls.

Came back home to try out the bat and balls and whaddya know? He swung and he actually hit the ball! Now, I'm a seriously non-athletic person. I absolutely identify with the Christine Lavin song "Ballad of a Ballgame". I'm short. I'm slow. I'm uncoordinated. So the fact that my son can hit a ball comes as a real shock to me. I'm all aglow.

After the glory that was Wiffle Ball, we went for a tricycle ride around the neighborhood, MM wearing his brand-new red & blue ladybug helmet (more manly than the flowered one), me walking along behind. We greeted all the neighbors out gardening. Muffin Man showed off his helmet.

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Phantom Scribbler said...

Laughing out loud, Liz. Whenever my three-year-old connects with the ball I think, "That is so NOT my DNA in action."

I used to strike out playing tee ball until an embarrassingly old age...

(And thankye for the compliments. I'm blushing.)