Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Why MysteryMommy?

At about age 4, I started reading. Really reading. My mom thinks I was reading earlier because she remembers me asking if she would still read to me if I knew how to read. When she said she would, I read all of Green Eggs and Ham to her.
After that, I read everything I could get my hands on. My favorite thing in the world was the anticipation on opening a new book. My second favorite thing was the wonderful home-coming feeling when re-reading an old book. You name it, I've probably read it.
About the time I was 9, my dad got a job that took him to London every few months and he'd bring me back books every time. The Narnia series, a British edition of A Little Princess, all of Agatha Christie. All of Agatha Christie!!! Now that's a good Dad! Mysteries became my favorite of the genres, though I still love science fiction, fantasy, Jane Austen...

When I grew up (or got older, you decide), I got a job as a sales-person/manager/reviewer for the world's oldest mystery bookstore, Murder Ink. This is a mystery lover's paradise, knowledgeable sales staff, hard to find mysteries, and a wonderful aroma that comes from the rare and used books section. I'd be working there still but events overtook me (more about that in another post).

So, after 9 years out of the book reviewing business, I'm ready to get my feet wet again. Watch this space for reviews mostly of mysteries, though I may throw in a few non-mysteries to shake things up a bit. I'll link to the Amazon pages of books I review, but please do go check out Murder Ink, and say "Hi" to them for me.

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Phantom Scribbler said...

Green Eggs and Ham was the first book I ever read to someone else (my grandmother), and at a similar age.

Can't wait for stories about Murder Ink!