Sunday, June 12, 2005

Another Fun Day: Good News and Bad News

Another fun day today, we woke up early and cuddled. Played, ate soft-boiled eggs, watched a highly edited (by Muffin Man) version of Beauty and the Beast. Then we went out to That's Amore for brunch, MM behaved beautifully and was rewarded with a new book and 5 matchbox cars from the Toys-R-Us next door.

We played with the cars and MM took a nap. Had ice cream sandwiches for after-nap snack, played with the cars some more and went to Mr. Spock's sister's house for dinner. Came home, MM took a bath (and was very cooperative about it which was a novelty) and then Mr. Spock came home and tucked MM into bed.

So, what's the good news and the bad news?

Bad news: MM had not one, not two, but THREE poops in his underwear today and three wet accidents. I've done 7 loads of laundry today.

Good news: The very last pee of the day went partly on the floor and partly in the potty. AND HE STOOD UP to pee. Pulled down his underpants just a tad and everything. Rewarded with lots of praise and three gummy bears.

Excellent day over all.


Mummy/Crit said...

Good luck on the training, and remember that he will get there. I don't know any adults who aren't toilet trained! that in-between phase is pretty wild though. We're currently doing the night thing, where I need to wake up to remind D'Arcy to get up (he sleeps heavily) for a wee. That and giving up the afternoon sleep are our challenges. The combination is a bit dodgy, as he will sleep for 11 hours at night. Even I need to get up at night if I sleep that long!

Julie said...

Well, even partly in the potty is good news! :)

My son didn't go standing up until he was at least kindergarten age, which was a good thing because it saved us two years of wiping up his misses.

My youngest child will be getting a brand new potty for his 2nd birthday, coming up in a couple of weeks. Sigh.

liz said...

I'm hoping he was encouraged enough to keep it up!

Yankee T said...

How old is the little pumpkin? He will not go to college in diapers, I promise.

liz said...

He's three and we call him little pumpkin all the time.

I'm pretty certain he won't even go to kindergarten in diapers, but it's rather frustrating now.

SuzanH said...

It's very frustrating, but you'll get through it. I'm a big believer in letting the kid decide when she's (he's) ready. Less stress for me, anyway.

Good luck!

Yankee T said...

Three and a boy...not an atypical combo. He'll get the hang of it, but I do understand the frustration...have you spoken to Phantom Scribbler lately?
Lots of praise, and I recommend a timer. When it rings, we run to the worked for both sons of a friend of mine.

Angie said...

Have you tried putting on square of toilet paper in the bowl and telling him to sink it? Does he go with dad to the potty? My nephew was difficult to potty train at first but they made a game of it and he learned very quick. Going with dad made it alot easier too -the do as I do boy thing.

liz said...

Oooh Angie and YT, those are both great ideas. We'll try them!

Gerah said...


My daughter is sitting on the sofa right now watching the muppets with only a bikini and no diaper and I am frightened that my sofa will soon be pee-soaked.

I feel your pain.

liz said...

I put one of those mattress pads down on the couch to catch spills.

purple_kangaroo said...

I've potty trained two girls and a boy (well, a large part of the boy's training--I was his daycare provider) and one thing that is really annoying but did help them "get it" was a video called "It's Potty Time!"

We did the timer thing too . . . it takes some of the pressure off it being Mommy making them go potty. Actually, I used a timer for months to remind myself to tell them it was time to go. I just programmed it into my cell phone calendar.

The other thing I did (more for my own sanity) is gave myself a limit on the number of accidents I was willing to clean up before they went into plastic pants for the rest of the day.

Actually, the biggest thing that helped was having them go bare-bottomed whenever we were home. Much easier for them to deal with using the potty without having to deal with pulling down pants, etc. at first, and they were more aware of their body's needs and actions that way. They had tons fewer accidents that way, and when they started to go we would know so we could get them on the potty right away.

liz said...

Thanks PK! Thank you all. These are all such good ideas and we're going to incorporate most of them.