Friday, June 03, 2005

The Birth Story Meme

Sometime around the middle of month 7, I couldn't fit behind the steering wheel of my Ford Taurus anymore (short legs, distant pedals, you get the picture). So Mr. Spock was driving me to work everyday and on our way, we'd stop off at the Silver Diner for breakfast.

On Friday, February 1st, we walked into Silver Diner and my water broke (but not GUSH, just enough to wet my pants), so I got into the dry pants I was always carrying around with me. I took stock. Was I in labor? No. Okay. If I didn't eat now, would I get a chance to eat later at the hospital? No. Okay.

So we stayed and had breakfast. And then, since we were really close to where I work, we went there. I called my doctor's office, told them what had happened and asked permission to go home and get my stuff for the hospital. They asked, "Labor pains?" No. "Okay, go on home, get your stuff and then come right to the hospital."

So, I said goodbye to everyone at work. Gathered up a few things, went home, went to the hospital.

Doctor checked me, no labor. No dilation. Actually, no amniotic fluid. Hmmmm....did another slide and found just a smidge of fluid. It seems I had a slow leak from the top. It was a week before my due date, so he said "Well, we could send you home and induce you tomorrow if you don't start labor, or we could induce you today." I chose today, MS agreed. MS called our parents to let them know.

Machines, pitocin. No labor. Upped the pitocin and broke my water (wow! That's a lot of fluid!) and.....the contractions started and went off the charts. MS rubbed my back. He was so great, he is the very best husband in the world.

Eventually I asked for an epidural and I gotta tell you, I am still in love with my anesthetist.

Remind me to tell you later about the nurse who kept asking about our plans to circumcise Muffin Man. It's a hoot.

Now, I've been in labor a while and my doctor comes in to check on me and Muffin Man has moved two centimeters in the wrong direction. He's digging in his heels. He does not want to come out.

My doctor says, "What are your feelings right now about having a c-section?" I'm fine with it. MS is fine with it. The doctor tells us that an operating room should be open in a few hours, and if no progress had been made at that point, we could do a c-section then. Fine. MS calls our parents to give them an update.

So at 9:01 PM Friday, February 1 Muffin Man was born by c-section. My biggest memories of being in the operating room are:
1. My first sight of my son. He was on the table across from me getting suctioned and all that and his legs were spread-eagled and all I could really see were his bright purple testicles. Wow. And he was so pissed off. "Put! Me!Back! Put! Me! Back!"

2. The doctor and his assistants counting over and over, sponges, clamps, etc. 23 sponges, btw.
Afterwards, they let me hold Muffin Man as they wheeled us from the recovery room to our room on the maternity ward. He was so perfect and small and he had decided maybe it wasn't so bad being out in the world.


jo(e) said...

You happened to be carrying dry pants with you? I can't help but be impressed at the level of preparedness.

Betsy said...

Me, too.

Me? I'm quite sure I left puddles of amniotic fluid in the back of the cab we took to the hospital in Brooklyn.

But since he was driving like a maniac, even though we TOLD HIM NOT TO, I don't feel that guilty. (We were going all of 15 blocks, and I wasn't in labor - yet he had me sliding all over the cab seat with his action film car chase moves, ugh...)

Phantom Scribbler said...

Seriously, extra pants? Wow! I am IMPRESSED.

They had to break my water in the hospital with LG. But with Baby Blue, it broke at home -- thank god, since it was green with meconium. No extra pants would be able to make up for leaving a puddle of green water in a public place....

liz said...

The extra pants were for Muffin Man found my bladder to be particularly amusing as a pillow/punching bag.

Angie said...

I had the same problem with the leaking thing. Every. Single. Time. She. Moved. the last few weeks. No one seems to tell you these things the first time. I felt so alone! I mean how do you tell someone, ooops the baby moved and I wet my pants?

SuzanH said...

Great birth story. It's got it all--quick change, exotic locales, a fabulous meal, and a cute baby at the end. Excellent.

liz said...

I never thought of the Silver Diner as an exotic local before...

Moreena said...

Wow! That is a great birth story. I have trouble remembering to bring extra pants for my two girls, who are frequently in need of them. So I, too, am impressed at your level of preparedness.

Mummy/Crit said...

Yep, i too am impressed with the extra pants. My waters broke in labour (yay). It is funny that the most obvious thing about little boys is their enormous purple bits. Great story, fab meme!

Yankee T said...

Great story. Clap, Clap for Muffin Man!