Monday, June 20, 2005

Does it count, take II (with apologies to YT)

Does it count as staying dry all day if your son DOESN'T GO AT ALL at daycare and wants a diaper to pee into as soon as he comes home after REFUSING to sit on the potty?

And he proudly ran up to me at school and yelled, "I stayed dry all day Mommy!"


Angie said...

It means he is aware of his bodily functions and yes, he is ready for potty training. Holding is not a good thing either it can lead to bladder/urinary tract infections. I wouldn't give in to the diaper need. Stand him at the toilet and run the water in the sink. He shouldn't be able to hold it for long.

If this reads bossy it isn't meant to be. My kids were potty trained between 12 and 18 months. I even roused them from sleep in the night to go potty. We rarely had accidents day or night. The key is being very consistant. Put away the diapers/pull-ups. They are gone now and the toilet must be used. It should not be an option of using the potty or a diaper. Take the choice out of the picture.

You are probably going to think I am mean or something now. Sorry.

liz said...

No, Angie, I don't think you're mean. This actually makes sense. I'll try it tonight.

Angie said...

Whew! I was so worried you would be upset by my comment.

I would not wake my kids up just rouse them enough to get them to the potty, even if I had to carry them. Half asleep children can use the potty and be put right back to bed. Mine never woke completely and did not have any problems going right back to sleep. I suspect they even slept deeper and longer with the comfort of an empty bladder.

Having him stand and teaching him to aim may seem icky to some moms but a boy has to learn one way or another. You might even try having him aim for 1 square of TP in the bowl to see if he can make it sink to the bottom.

Who better to teach them not to leave the seat up or to not sprinkle the seat than mom? lol

Good luck!

Yankee T said...

It definitely counts! Like Angie said, he is aware of what he's doing. No apologies here, please.

Julie said...

He held it all day??? Heck, yeah, that counts!

Angie, your parenting style sounds a lot like mine. I'm going to check out your blog now.