Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Father's Day Week Memories


He used to have a huge mustache which made him look exactly like Cheech Marin. Every father's day I'd buy him either a tie or something to keep that mustache in good working order: a mug with a mustache bridge, a little grooming kit...He shaved it off when I was seven? eight? I was devastated.

We once made an Angel Food Cake together - it came out flat as a pancake, but we frosted it with chocolate and ate it anyway.

That same year, I was in day camp at the Y and we had made brownies for a bake sale there. The brownies all sold before I could get one and I remember being so disappointed and then we tried to get a Creamsicle out of the vending machine and they were all out of those and so I had this HUGE meltdown and MBFG took me home and made me a "homemade creamsicle": Vanilla ice cream, orange juice, honey put it in a blender. It was so delicious and made me feel all better.

When I was in sleep-away camp, he would send me this beautiful picture letters - with fantastic curlicues and sketches of whatever he and SingsLullabyes were doing in bright happy colours.

From where I'm sitting in my office now, if I look to my right I can see a pen and ink drawing he made of the beach in Cape Cod where we used to spend our summers.

When I first met him, I thought he was the Tallest. Man. In. The. Universe! (with apologies to PS). He's 6'2".

He has a lap that is just right for a small four-year-old to sit in. He used to tell me Donald Duck stories that always seemed to parallel things that were going on in my life. The villian in these stories was an evil man named Cyrus McPherson (Nyahaha!) He now tells similar stories to Muffin Man.

In the summers, we would go to this old used bookstore on the pier in Wellfleet and buy up all the Walt Disney Comics the crotchety old man had. Most of them had the covers ripped off. I still have most of them in a box in the basement. My favorite was always Uncle Scrooge. Can you believe that Disney doesn't sell an Uncle Scrooge piggy bank? What are they thinking?


Yankee T said...

Wait, are you apologizing to me? What for? Because you know I am exceedingly short? How did you know? Who told? Did they tell you I am paranoid? I'm not, it's just that people are out to get me.

liz said...

Oops! I meant to apologize to Phantom Scribbler. Sorry!

Yankee T said...

I've been confused with worse people...no problem!

liz said...

It's cause I had stolen from you in the post below.

I seem to like stealing from your family.

Yankee T said...

Go ahead. We've got more of everything than we need!

Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

Yay. I love these stories! Can't wait to read about MM's grandmas, too.

And this:
We once made an Angel Food Cake together - it came out flat as a pancake, but we frosted it with chocolate and ate it anyway.

Totally sounds like something that would've happened to me and my dad. :-)

Julie said...

I love the new nicknames. They sound like fake Native American names, you know, like Dances With Wolves. But they are very sweet. I'd like to hear about the grandmas, too.

halloweenlover said...

Do you still have the picture letters? These are the sweetest memories. Now I am hungry for an orange juice, vanilla ice cream and honey shake. Mmmmm.

liz said...

The picture letters are in a box somewhere at my mom's house. Next time I'm up there I'll dig 'em out and I'll scan one in and blog about it.

Stories of the moms coming soon.

Mr. Spock said...


Blogbelle said...

Interesting that you have a link to emergency contraception. I don't know why. Just kinda cool of ya.

liz said...

Welcome blogbelle! And good morning to you Mr. Spock. These were memories of my fathers. I'll blog more about you later.

And thank you again in advance for picking up Muffin Man later today.


Mr. Spock said...