Thursday, June 09, 2005

Laura started it:

Laura wrote this post about famous people to whom she has sold pants. Well, I've never sold pants, but I've sold ice cream, cookies, movie tickets (cashier/manager at the King's Court in Pgh, now defunct, and manager at Loews in NYC) and books. So here's my list of famous people to whom I have sold sundries.

Ice Cream and Cookies (at David's Cookies in Greenwich Village, now defunct.):
Ric Ocasik

Movie tickets/passes:
Jennifer Beals
George Romaro
Rob Lowe
Chef Brocket
Gene Anthony Ray

Books from Booklink, now defunct:
Andrea Dworkin and Philip Larkin
Paul Auster
Steve Buscemi

Books from the Traveler's Bookstore, now defunct:
Victoria Tennent

Books from Murder Ink:
Kathleen Turner
Barbara Grizzuti Harrison
Robert Crais
Lawrence Block

People I've Bumped Into on the Street, Sat Next to on the Subway, Lived Upstairs From, Was Friends with their Children:
Cynthia Harris
Peter Schickele
F. Murray Abraham
Jennifer Connelly
Jack Nicholson
Mandy Patinkin
Jaye Davidson


Phantom Scribbler said...

Peter Schickele! No. way.

I'm impressed by the others, too, but... Peter Schickele!

Next thing I know you'll be telling us that you know Tom Lehrer, too!

KibitzingShiksa said...

OMG- you know Peter Schickele??? AND Mandy Patinkin???? Wow. I bow before your awesomeness. (But, darnit, now I have to go listen to Concerto for Horn and Hardart.)

Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

Man, I love Mandy. And Ric Ocasik. And Steve Buscemi.

Of course, what I really want to know is who were the most polite and nice of those celebs?

Scrivener said...

Yeah, Liz, this only partially qualifies as carrying on a meme, because Laura went into detail about the people she sold pants to. You need to let us know which of them were snooty.

Does Mandy Patinkin qualify as a celebrity? If I have to hear him sing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" one more time, I'm seriously going to puke.

liz said...

Of all the people on the list, the only one I didn't actually talk to was Jaye Davidson, who sat down next to me on the subway. I was the only woman on the car and he looked EXACTLY like he looks in the Crying Game, wearing black leggings and a white crocheted lace top. I was reading a book (surprise, surprise!) and he got on, looked around and sat down thisclose to me. I looked up at the window opposite to make sure my identification was correct. He saw me looking. I nodded at his reflection. He nodded back. I went back to my book.

All the others were really very nice. Rob Lowe wanted to watch the audiences of Wayne's World. He went back and forth between the two theatres to catch their reactions to his scenes. I was friends with Peter Schickele's son for years and actually lived across the street from them for a little while. Bumped into Mandy Patinkin at a street fair. Was friends with F.Murray Abraham's daughter. My sister practically fainted when she found out I knew him (we bumped into their family when she and I went out to eat one night the year Amadeus came out)

Kathleen Turner is a real sweetie and reads A TON of mysteries. etc.

Yankee T said...

I met Katharine Hepburn-sold her flowers, actually, and David Robinson, drummer in the Cars-his father worked for me. Oh, and Gina Lollabrigida (sp?) in a hotel elevator in LA in 1957 told my mother that my sisters (Grandma BLue and You Wouldn't Believe Her) and I were beautiful in our matching dresses.

liz said...

Welcome Kibitzing Shiksa!

Lucy Tartan said...

oh, excellent work Liz! What books did those folks buy? I'm most curious about Steve Buscemi and Andrea Dworkin...

liz said...

I don't remember exactly what SB bought, except that it was fiction.

AD often bought fantasy/sci fi and mysteries.