Monday, June 06, 2005

Lessons learned.

Reminder to self: Check the outdoor temperature before walking with Muffin Man to the unshaded SwingsAndSlides.

Even though we brought water with us and stopped to have many drinks, he was hot and flushed by the time we got there and had no energy to play. And there are no shaded benches to sit on and he doesn't like sitting on the grass (too tickley and he thinks ants will crawl into his pull-up. I blame the "Quartermaster's Store" song. There are ants, ants, crawling in the pants at the store...)

So we headed back and got ice-cream, but it was a looooonnnnnngggg time before his cheeks went back to a normal color.


SuzanH said...

Hope you've rehydrated and cooled off.

I am a weather channel fanatic for just that reason.

Also, I'm a big nerd.

liz said...

Me too, but it was so pleasant earlier in the day, I just didn't think about it.