Wednesday, June 15, 2005

PT update

So far, pretty good! Muffin Man made it to the potty every time on Monday at school (and then had an accident at home) and Tuesday he had one accident as he was running to the potty at school. I'm so proud of him!

His teachers are praising him and hugging him and rewarding him with gummy bears (we provided them). And we are doing the same at home.

I'm going to incorporate many of your suggestions for our weekends, but also want to stay consistent with what they do at school (since they can't let the kids run around with no pants on...)

Which reminds me that I need to buy him more keds (they're machine-washable).

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Angie said...

I buy myself knock off keds at Walmart to wear in the summer -to do yard work, etc. When they get filthy the $3.99 shoes go in the garbage.