Friday, July 29, 2005

Housekeeping - UPDATED

There's some stuff I need to clean out of my brain:

1. Everybody please head over to Jenn's page to congratulate her for finishing her thesis and defense.

2. Purple Kangaroo is breathlessly anticipating the arrival of her third child, please go over and give her some support.

3. BrooklynGirl is looking for advice, go on over and help her out too.

4. Corndog seems to be having self-esteem issues - can you believe he actually thinks he is writing without humor?

5. I think genevieve (her comment is in there somewhere) should start a blog. She's obviously erudite and witty. All those in favor, say "Aye".

6. Muffin Man was dry all night for the second night in a row, which makes 3 out of 4 nights. I'm giddy.

7. Song that is in my head right now? To the tune of Eine Kline Nachtmusik - "Please don't play your violin at night. Wolfgang, go to bed. Turn out the light. But I must play my violin. At night my violin must be beneath my chin...." From Beethovan's Wig.

8. Updated to add: Welcome KLee to the blogosphere! Very glad to have you in the neighborhood.


Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

Aye (Genevieve needs a blog.)

Phantom Scribbler said...

Another aye. Genevieve needs a blog!

purple_kangaroo said...

Aw, thanks Liz! No baby yet, but I did serve an eviction notice today. :)

liz said...

p_k, I'm thinking of you often.

Jenn said...

Ohhh, that explains my two new comments! Thanks sweetie xoxo


Genevieve said...

Aw, shucks, folks, I'm speechless. /Bert Lahr

But seriously, ain't gonna happen. At least not any time soon. If I added blogging to my life, my head would explode.

I'll just have to get my satisfaction from commenting on y'all's oh-so-entertaining-and-thought-provoking blogs.

Running2Ks said...

C'mon Genevieve--we made KLee do it!

KLee said...

Yeah -- they're a bunch of blog enablers! Not only do they support this madness, they encourage it! :) No, everyone has been great. I appreaciate all the help, and if any of you guys have tips or helpful hints, my ears are always ready for a scorching.

Genevieve, it really was fairly simple. Blogger was great -- all you had to do was pick a template, and tinker some. I was surprised at how simple the "creation" stage was. No, thinking of stuff to write....not so easy. Now, I have to do the right thing, and link back all of those kind enough to visit me. (I'm working on that....:)

Liz -- congrats on the toilet training! I know that you're over the moon! My method was "Naked and $25 dollars." That's where you hole up in the house for a weekend with a naked child, and when the weekend's over, you take the $25 dollars and rent a steam cleaner to clean up the mishaps on any rugs. :) (It was easier on me because we mostly have parquet flooring.) We just carried the potty into whatever room the Offspring went into, and every time she got "that look", we stuck her on it. By Monday morning, she pretty much had it down. I was so glad it worked, but it also created a little girl who wanted to be naked every second of the day. *That* took a little longer to correct!