Tuesday, July 05, 2005

An Open Letter to My Parents

I know you read this blog. How come you never comment?

You may have noticed that I blogged incessantly about your youngest grandson this week. He has crossed a major milestone! Have you nothing to say about that? Come on, come on. Speak up!


BrightStar said...

*cracking up at how you're calling your parents out!*

my parents read my blog, too... they rarely comment.


Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

I've gone back and forth on whether to tell my family about my blog. (I'd only tell my mom or my aunt--not sure I'd want my dad reading, and I don't think he knows what "blogs" are, anyway.)

Running2Ks said...

See, this is the modern version of "you never call, you never write....."

Jenn said...

oh, my mom reads my blog but certainly doesn't comment. She doesn't want to. She reads all the kids' blogs and never comments. But she does call me later in the week and say "so I was reading your blog and wanted to ask how the job interview went today" and such.


It is cute!

Mr. Spock said...

An arbitrary "no."

Julie said...

My parents never comment either. I had originally kept my blog a secret, but it got "outed" by accident. I went through this whole hoo-hah with my dad to soothe his wounded pride. And I don't think he reads it at all any more. My mom at least reads it, but she's never left a comment. And I only just this week got my first ever comment from my sister. Of course, we do all live in the same town, so it's not like my blog is the only way we keep in touch. But still.

I just recently sent my URL to my 90-year-old grandma, the original Bookworm. We'll see what happens. She'll probably disinherit me if she sees the negative things I wrote about Jane Austen.

Gerah said...

I called my parents out like this, too, in a blog post about them and the fact that they didn't even read my blog after they encouraged me to write.

Now, my dad reads, but usually counters something I've written, or leaves a strange, rambling comment. Parents are odd creatures.