Friday, July 01, 2005

PT Update - Cautiously Ecstatic

Muffin Man went in the potty at school! I was so proud and he was so proud and so I asked him, "What would you like for dinner? You're a big boy who went pee in the potty, so you can choose."
"Pizza. I want to eat pizza at the pizza store." he answered.

So we went to Bravo Pizza and ate pizza (mediocre, but they sell it by the slice) and half-way through he said, "I need to make pee-pee."

So I took him to the rest room and he said, "You first, Mommy."

So I went first and then he pulled down his pants and put the portable seat on the toilet and I lifted him up onto the grown-up seat and...

He peed in the grown-up toilet in the bathroom at the pizzaria!

Strawberry ice-cream cones for everybody!!!!


BrightStar said...

yay!!! I would like an ice cream cone, too. Count me in.

Mona said...

I found you by leafing through blogs today....ROCK ON! That's terrific news. It's got to be exciting.

Fun blog you have here!

liz said...

Hi and welcome Mona! Hey B*, he and I went to Maggie Moo's, next time we'll bring you along!

Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

Oh my God, that is so exciting!!!

I never would've imagined that I would find news of other people's kids peeing so darn exciting. But there ya go.

anbruch said...

Yay for Muffin Man!


BrightStar said...

mmmm.... maggie moo's. delicious. I had cotton candy ice cream there once. I think it was blue!