Friday, January 27, 2006

The answers to numbers 5 & 12 below

#5 is Angela. A friend from my job which I celebrated a week of freedom from today, by going to my Communications class. Excellent class. I think it's being taught by Jo(e). Beautiful long hair. Passel of kids. Excellent sense of humor. Talks with her hands.

But I know it's not Jo(e) because Jo(e) lives somewhere that has had snow in the last year and Mrs. Aptonym lives in Woodbridge.

#12 is a message from Mr. Spock. And I'm not sayin' what it says.

And to give a re-cap of my week: My favorite class so far is Statistics, followed VERY closely by Communications, followed by Advanced Composition, Psychology, and Women & Work in that order. Pray forgive me if my posting goes WAAAAAAY down, I'm gonna be writing my ass off for these classes.

Did you folks know that students have to bring their own Scantron sheets to tests? Isn't that like asking Lady Jane Grey to bring her own axe?


Genevieve said...

I don't know what a Scantron sheet is, other than something in a lyric from one of my favorite Eddie From Ohio songs:

"all I need is a Scantron sheet,
a number two lead and a small cheat sheet
not to mention my own divine intervention"

but I love your simile!

jo(e) said...

Thanks for the compliment. I wish you were in one of my classes ....

liz said...

So do I, Jo(e). So do I.


halloweenlover said...

What? that scantron sheet is just nonsense. Grrr.