Thursday, January 12, 2006


Self-tagged on Phantom's site

Four Jobs I've Had
1. Cashier at Wholey's fish market in Pittsburgh. You haven't been smelly until you've worked through the Christmas rush at a fish store.
2. Door-to-door Beggar for Clean Water Action Project (also Pittsburgh)
3. Waitress (donut shop in Park Slope and upscale Greek place in Pgh.)
4. Kiosk sales person for an ISP.

Four Movies I Love to Watch Over and Over
1. Casablanca
2. When Harry Met Sally
3. The Princess Bride
4. Young Frankenstein

Four Movies I'm Forced to Watch Over and Over
1. Cinderella
2. Aladdin
3. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
4. Finding Nemo (not that any of these are bad, mind you, but there is a limit)

Four Movies That Haven't Hit That Limit Yet
1. Madagascar
2. Chicken Run
3. The Incredibles
4. Monsters, Inc.

Four Books I First Read as an Adult that I Read Over and Over
1. Brat Farrar
2. Pictures of Perfection
3. Venetia
4. The Blue Sword

Four Things I Cannot Do
1. Whistle
2. Touch my toes when my legs are straight
3. Turn a cartwheel
4. Word problems.

Four Places I've Lived (as a grown-up)
1. Park Slope, Brooklyn
2. Upper West Side, Manhatten
3. Pittsburgh, PA
4. Ashburn, VA

Four TV Shows I Love to Watch (that are still running)
1. West Wing
2. Gilmore Girls
3. Good Eats
4. Boston Legal

Four TV Shows We Record for Muffin Man (links are noisy)
1. Oobi
2. Higglytown Heroes
3. Little Einsteins
4. There is no number 4.

Four Things I Say Often
1. "Holy Guacamole!"
2. "Wash your hands"
3. "Did you flush?"
4. "Oh, God."

Four Places I've Been on Vacation
1. Cape Cod
2. Kauaii
3. Ottsville, PA
4. Paris, France

Four Blogs I Visit Daily That I Don't Link To In My Sidebar
1. Uterine Wars. I'm going to miss her.
2. So Close
3. Life's Jest Book. I'm going to link to you tomorrow, though!
4. In the Barren Season

Four of My Favorite Foods (that I cook)
1. Ham
2. Prime Rib (Wegman's dry aged it for me and I used my cast iron dutch oven instead of a terra cotta planter)
3. Turkey
4. Risotto

Four Cars I've owned
1. 1995 Ford Taurus Sedan (sadly, got rammed from behind by a Toyota.)
2. 1994 Ford Taurus Wagon (died an honorable death at 120,000)
3. 2002 Kia Sedona (My current vehicle)
4. There is no 4. (What? I only learned to drive 9 years ago.)

Marc volunteered to be tagged. Is there anyone else who hasn't done it yet and wants to? Consider yourself tagged.


Scrivener said...

I'm going to have to disagree with you on two of the movies listed under the third section, "Four Movies I'm Forced to Watch Over and Over," because they really are not good movies. I'm guessing you know which two I'm referring to.

I like "Holy guacamole!" Can I steal that one? I like the next three statements, too, but I think I can do without repeating them on a regular basis.

"muxlfk"--The all-powerful villain from an alternate dimension on the porn remake of Superman.

liz said...

I meant to say that they're not THAT bad. Well, maybe they are.

You are welcome to steal "Holy Guacamole!" It's one of my favorites, replacing "DOUCHEBAG!!!" which I'm not allowed to say anymore, due to the presence of my almost four-year-old instant playback machine.

I like the name of that super-villian!

Suburban Turmoil said...

Holy guacamole? That's hilarious!

And I haven't read any of those four books! Woo hoo! New books to read!

Genevieve said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Brat Farrar, and I'm very fond of The Blue Sword (though I prefer The Hero and the Crown, and my absolute favorite is The Outlaws of Sherwood - but I think that's too mature to read to my little Robin Hood fan just yet).

So I ran right out and put Pictures of Perfection on my booksfree list. Which informed me that the Stabenow and Maron books are on the way in the next shipment. Yay!

I just lent Brat Farrar to a co-worker last week, and she's loving it, though she thinks she must have read it years ago because certain parts sound familiar. My other favorite Teys are Daughter of Time (of course) and Miss Pym Disposes, but I like them all.

And I could watch those 4 movies over and over too (when you were at our house, you didn't see the Casablanca poster because it recently came down b/c J. didn't like the gun in it). And also can watch and rewatch your 4 kids' movies that haven't hit the limit yet.

I knew we were compatible! :)

Mommygoth said...

Mmmm, risotto. One of those foods I love but sometimes forget about. May have to make it tonight!

Running2Ks said...

This meme has sure made the rounds!

I love your tv answers :)

Phantom Scribbler said...

We say "Holy linoleum" around here, when we're making an effort not to shock the pediatrician. It sounds better when you add "Batman" at the end.

I've never read any Josephine Tey. Is that ridiculous? But I'm proud of myself for having read The Blue Sword, at least.

Favorite Casablanca quote:

"What watch?"
"Ten watch."
"Such much?"

Anonymous said...

I wish my boys enjoyed Chicken Run as much as I do.

I'm surprised (F***ing) Aladdin wasn't #1.

liz said...

Fucking Aladdin slipped down a bit since it's no longer his FAVORITE favorite. Cinderella's getting more play lately.