Sunday, January 22, 2006

A good weekend...

Starting with today:

Blogger Meet-up!!! So the Fish Said... and I met up at a nearby Italian chain for Sunday Brunch. She's just as nice in person as she is on her blog and her daughter is just the sweetest 6 month old. We had a great time talking and eating. Muffin Man showed off and flirted and Mia was enthralled by all the things to see and forgot to be annoyed that her teeth were bothering her. I hope we can do it again soon!


SoupAndBread, followed by shopping for a new train from the Tt(F)TE collection (Emily and her tender, if anyone's interested). And then I got to go by myself to LL Bean to spend a gift certificate I got for Christmas. Did you know that they're having a sale of their winter stuff?

I got this in Evening and Chocolate, this in Dark Mulberry, this in Navy (not shown), and two pairs of pants, one Chocolate brown and one mustard-y chino. And I also bought a tin of mints. Total cost: $95.00. I handed over my $100 gift certificate. I got five bucks back. YAY!


Running2Ks said...

LL Bean rocks so hard I want to cry :)

Snazzy lady you are.

And cool that the meetup went well and MM could hone those flirting skills!

Genevieve said...

Nice shirt! And sounds like a very fun meetup.

Where is C&W Books? (which you mentioned on Phantom's site)

ccw said...

Sounds like you had a really good weekend.

Every store seems to have winter stuff on sale, which seems very odd to me given that it is only January. You bought some great stuff!

halloweenlover said...

YOU MET So the Fish said?

So jealous over here. It is tempered by the fact that I met Songbird and saw Phantom, but still, her blog is too cute. I'd love to meet her.

Jenn said...

ohhh, shopping [/homer simpson]

liz said...

Genevieve: C & W have 2 stores, one in Chantilly and one in Woodbridge (C&W, get it?)

The Chantilly one is in the Sully Plaza shopping center on Rte 50 near 28 - actually right off Centerville Road.

And I've been wearing my new stuff, very happy!

Yankee T said...

Sounds like such fun.