Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Jabs for school

I had to get the tetanus shot and the TB test (OUCH! My arm still hurts), but I got to skip the Meningitis and the Hepatitis B, and I pointed out to my doctor that I didn't need the MMR, because although I only had one Rubella shot back in the early 70's, according to the "Required Immunizations" form, that's all you need if you take them separately. YAY!

So I'm immunized for school. I feel like a kindergartener.

Muffin Man's gonna get a big buncha jabs the day after he turns four, poor fella.

When did they stop doing the tine test for TB? Now they use a HONKING big needle and make a swollen place in your arm that turns into a mini-hickey by the end of the day.

Last night's toy: Little People Bunny
Tonight's toy: Little People Farmer (girl)

It seems he's saving the cars for last.


ccw said...

Ouch! I had to get the MMR when I transferred schools. It hurt, now I know why babies cry.

KathyR said...

Yeah, that tine thing's been out for a long time now. When Matt was little, he used to be pretty brave about shots but lived in quaking fear of the one he called "the bubble."

Running2Ks said...

When I was little, I used to call it the TV test because the 4 progs made a box shape. I didn't know why they tested us for TV.

halloweenlover said...

That bubble thing actually makes me queasy. I also got a tb shot a couple of months ago when I started gardening because I learned that the most common cases of TB are from the soil! Who knew? I thought the TB shot hurt far less than the stupid flu shot. Bastards.

Glad you've gotten it over with, and that you are eligible for school! Yay!

Yankee T said...

Poor little Muffin Man. I always hated it when my kids had to have their shots.