Saturday, January 14, 2006

Oooooh! Shopping!

My giftee for the Holiday Extravaganza was Jen at MUBAR. So I did my research and came away with a few ideas...

Christmas Dreams

Silver and gold and ice blue
Warm and toasty
Pretty shiny happy

It was clear, what with the price limit, that cashmere was not going to be on the agenda. But to me, cashmere says comfort. A fondness for silver and gold crayons, for ice blue and pretzels, for chocolate and buying organic....

From the beginning I was thinking of a mug. But it had to be the right mug. It couldn't be too Christmasy because that smacked of sappiness, and sappiness was out. But on the other hand it couldn't be a plain mug, 'cause where's the fun in that? I couldn't find the mug I was looking for. It wasn't at Wegman's. It wasn't at Nearby Mall. I looked and I looked. And finally, while on a totally different errand, I found it. White with a silver rim and a silver snowflake. It was The Mug.

Meanwhile I had bought the other elements of the package. The silver earrings were hand-made by a friend of mine. The chocolate-covered-pretzels were bought fresh at Wegman's (and so was the hot cocoa for use in The Mug.) I looked for organic hot cocoa mix, but their choices didn't look...cashmere...enough.

And then I packed the package. The tin I already had on hand. I love collecting little boxes and tins for just such occasions.

And then I mailed the package. And as I was driving home I said,


so you'll have to check out Jen's post about receiving it if you want to see them.


Running2Ks said...

Awesome job! You rock, lady!

ccw said...

Love your gifts. That is a beautiful mug.

I would be the one to forget to take pictures, also.