Thursday, April 06, 2006

Laughing until my face hurt.

Red-haired Friend and I went out for dinner. We haven't seen much of each other lately due to work (her) and school (both of us) and what not.

We ate at an Italian restaurant while she vented about her employer (where I used to work) and I told her about my score on my latest Statistics test (cough, 97, cough) and we both bitched about things we bitch to each other about and then we went for dessert and talked some more and then we went to DSW.

Have y'all ever been to DSW?

Rows upon rows upon rows of shoes. Sneakers, sandals, boots, pumps, slingbacks, slippers, and everything in between. And while they do have some really nice shoes they also have some doozies.

Like the pump that was made of a horsehair upper, dyed in a leopard print that someone went a little too crazy with the Bedazzler on. And the bronze lame loafer. And the rose tapestry print number that had a pink snake skin toe and heel and was finished off with a lavender suede bow in back. Ooooh! And the VERY high top sneaker that was frayed along the edges and had an embroidered dragon up the side. And let's not forget the sandal that had a monkey climbing a palmtree on it. And the pumps made of orange gum-boot rubber. I only wish that DSW had an on-line store so that I could show you how truly hideous these shoes were.

And then there was the selection of purses. There was one that looked pretty good. Black. Basic. But....then we turned it around. It was covered on the other side with loosely sewn on pieces of abalone. HIDEOUS!

We couldn't stop laughing. "Here!" we'd say. "THIS is the shoe you've been looking for!" We'd discuss the shoes that almost worked and what would have made them not atrocious. Like the linen sandal that was nice and normal looking from the front and had this truly abominable 4" high narrow cork wedge.

I love Red-haired Friend. I especially love that she appreciates the power of an amazingly ugly shoe.


ccw said...

Sounds like so much fun! Glad you had a good time.

I truly do believe that there is healing power in laughing over bad clothing and accessories.

Yankee T said...

I love laughing with my women friends. Truly cathartic. Nice grade there, Miss Cough-Cough

Beth Fish said...

Is there a DSW closer than the one in Fair Lakes? Sure, I could look it up, but I am so lazy.

Angie said...

They advertise larger shoe sizes but we have never found anything to fit my daughter. DSW is a disappointment to me. However, laughter is an excellent thing and I am glad you got plenty of it.

Marla said...

I am glad I'm playing catch-up here tonight. I am hitting at least one DSW when I go visit my family in Buffalo this weekend. I am salivating. What I like best about them is their discount chart - so you don't have to do the math. If it was originally priced at $59.99, and it's got this sticker, just follow the colour stripe to the discounted price! Bam! It's a perfect system! The nerve of other stores - making ME calculate what 40% off would be!