Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Tests are over. Now in other news...

Mr. Spock and I weeded a bit and planted some flowers in our front yard and some strawberries, tomato plants, and rosemary in our side yard. Gardening! I'm hoping that the strawberries and tomatoes bear fruit for us to eat. I've never eaten anything I've grown myself. This is exciting!

I placed an order from Amazon for some books for my Recent American Fiction class that I'll be taking the second half of the summer. Seven books, two of which I've read before. I've read parts of the others in the past as well.

Authors include: Cisneros, Walker, O'Brien, O'Connor, Vonnegut, DeLillo, and Carver. Turns out, "Recent" means "Since WWII". Which is fine. But seriously, our whole country's only 230 years old, pre-1960 counts as recent? Not that I'm complaining. I'm looking forward to the class.

Interesting discovery: when ordering more than a few items from Amazon, it makes fiscal sense to buy the books new directly from Amazon, even if you can get them cheaper used from their "marketplace". You save more on shipping than you pay for the books.


Lauren said...


I've got to get over to your blog more. I'd like to read about your class and your gardening adventures. Will try to come back more often.

Kelly said...

Purchased some tomatoes today at the garden center - and eggplant. Eating your own food is quite an achievement, I think. There's something very cool about saying, nonchalantly, over dinner to your friends, "This is from my garden." It just sounds impressive. Good luck with it, let us know how it goes!