Monday, May 01, 2006

Well, that's a relief

The term paper, she is done. Not just done, but delivered.

Here is what my professor wanted included with the 13 page (including References) paper:

  • Copies of all the sources I used (since my References ran a page and a half, you can imagine the heft). Fortunately, I only needed to copy the pages I cited from the two books I used, but I had to include complete copies of all 12 artucles.
  • Copies of three previous drafts with peer reviews and the professor's notes.
  • Copies of the draft and final version of my in-class presentation slides.
  • and...I know I'm forgetting something, but it's in the folder, you can bet on it.

Thank goodness, I am able to use most of the paper for my W&W class (due tomorrow). So all papers for this term are DONE. DONE!!!!

On the down side, I did putridly on my Stats test today. But that's okay, he's going to drop the lowest score and I'm going to studystudystudy for the final next week.


Only 4 days more of classes, then 4 finals, then Spring semester is over. And the Summer semester starts 3 weeks from today.

Anyone have any chocolate?


Phantom Scribbler said...

Right here! Dark or milk?

Hey, did you see that Corndog pulled down his blog? What will we do without him?

liz said...


Yes, I saw. I don't know what we'll do. This is a sad day.

Miche said...

Congrats on the term paper! Best of luck with Stats final.

Yankee T said...

Good for you! You are a star!

jo(e) said...

Congrats on getting the paper done!

Pink Cupcake said...

Woo hoo for completing the papers, and good luck for the finals! Sending lots of chocolatey positive thoughts your way... :)