Sunday, June 25, 2006

Blogger meet-up. Now with fewer Muppets!

Commenter Extraordinaire Genevieve, her son - BoyWhoBegsMomToBlog, Mr. Spock, Muffin Man and I all met up at the National Museum of American History today. My family would have been on time, except we couldn't find a place to park and so we were circling the area for half an hour, a task made more difficult because of the National Barbecue Battle that was going on.

Anywhooooo, we went to the museum to see the Muppets! Exhibit! and we were so excited! And then we saw them. And it was 5 glass cases with a total of about 15 muppets. Seriously. However, they do have the first-ever Kermit. And he's pretty cool.

But hanging with Genevieve and her son was lots of fun. Muffin Man ADORES BoyWhoBegsMomToBlog and wants to be him when he grows up. BWBMTB is six. That is a Very Big Boy. After the museum (and a donut) we all went for Tex-Mex food and chattered about the world. And we plotted how to get Phantom Scribbler and family down here for a real-life pixie party.

And then we came home and put MM straight into bed. Not even the Very Loud Thunderstorm we're having tonight will be able to keep that boy awake.

In other news, Muffin Man is taking swimming lessons and doing rather well at blowing bubbles and putting his whole face in the water. Next up, learning to kick and float.

Also, I will not have to take IT 103, as I passed that test (Thanks Mr. Spock for helping me study). Wouldn't you think that 10 years spent as a computer programmer should have gotten me out of the class without having to take a silly test?

Thanks, y'all, for the nice comments on the Dean's List post. If you'd asked me a few years ago, I'd never have guessed that I'd be doing so well in school.


Phantom Scribbler said...

Oh, teh jealousy! You! Genevieve! Kermit! All in one place!

Genevieve said...

So come down and see all of us, Phantom! We want you! :)

Despite the significant lack of substance to the exhibit (what, they couldn't fit the multiple pictures of Jim Henson over the years that are on the website? And put up some nice commentary about them? I don't think we should learn more from the website than from the actual exhibit itself), the museum was nice.

The best part was hanging with Liz, Muffin Man and Mr. Spock, who had teh cool coordinated T-shirts. Muffin Man was exceptionally good natured about not being allowed into the 5-and-up "Hands On Science" room at the museum, and didn't fuss that BoyWhoWantsMomToBlog (not his permanent nom de blog) went in anyway without him. Liz (unlike me) came prepared with a snack and we sang a bit of The Donut Connection in honor of Corndog. Muffin Man (who also didn't complain about the long walk to find the dinner place) is teh cute!!

Sadly, I didn't put the boy to bed as soon as we got home (did the bath first) and therefore got him down just in time for the thunderstorm to freak him out and keep him up for a good long while. Hmm, guess who's not going to get up by himself for camp early tomorrow morning?

liz said...

Yipes! I hope you guys got to camp okay.

As MM was drifting off, there was a big crash of thunder and he murmured, "Thunder Mommy. The pixies must be bowling again." And then he fell asleep.

Genevieve said...

Would those be commenting pixies?

Camp was completely flooded out and cancelled for today. Tomorrow it resumes at a temporary indoor location.

Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

Very sad that I missed the meet-up, but doctor's orders (grr).

Hope you and Genevieve and I can do a lunch with the boys on an upcoming weekend.

-R- said...

Good job on your test!

I am disappointed that the Muppet exhibit wasn't better. I think instead of going to see it, I will just check out the website (especially seeing as the only kid I will be traveling with is my 28 year old husband).