Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Things I love about Wegman's

Ah, Wegman's. My favorite "date" place. During this short respite between Summer Session A and Summer Session C, Mr. Spock and I have been heading there after dropping off Muffin Man at Posh Place (formerly Posh New Place, but after 6 months of attendance I think we have to drop the "new").

When we arrive a smidge after 8 AM, the parking lot is nearly empty. We go inside and choose a pastry or two from their patisserie (I generally choose their pain au chocolate, which is actually a traditional size (ie: it doesn't look like it's intended to serve three) and is truly delicious. Then we go over to their coffee counter and get some really good coffee. Two coffees and two pastries ring up to $5.88 with tax. And they're better than Starbucks.

Then we carry our goodies upstairs to their seating area and schmooze away a quiet half-hour.

After the last bit of chocolatey goodness has been consumed, we return downstairs to browse their fish counter (their soft-shelled crabs are still wiggling when you buy them), and their meat counter (I told you about their prime rib, right?), and their vegetable market (organic bananas! black truffles! bagged baby carrots!) and their gourmet frozen foods, and their wines, and their cheeses....

And they also sell regular grocery stuff.

And they have prepared yummy foods.

And they have a play area for potty-trained kids ages 3 and up. With better security than the old daycare we used to send Muffin Man to.

And their bathrooms are clean and pleasant.

And did I mention that most of their stuff is cheaper than Nearby Regular Grocery?

So, that's where I'm spending my early mornings this week. Heaven.


Noneuclid said...

I loved shopping at your Wegmans. Manhattan markets are great for selection, but they are too crowded to be a fun experience.


liz said...

If you come back and visit soon, we'll go again!

Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

Can you believe I STILL have not been to Wegmann's?! I suck.

Genevieve said...

Me neither, APL!

liz said...

Are you two telling me that Jim, a semi-annual visitor to our area has shopped at this culinary mecca, and you two - locals! living here! - have not set foot inside it?????

This will have to be remedied.

Moi said...

Ah yes, Wegmans. We've got them in my locale as well. They're the best grocery stores ever. Nothing else compares....