Monday, December 04, 2006

A laundry victory!!!

Here at the Mystery house we sometime encounter a stubborn stain or two. My general rule is to just treat it with stain stick or something like that and send it back through the wash. But we had one or two items that weren't cooperating with that formula and I was kind of at a standstill. Too cheap to throw out a perfectly good item, too lazy to do any stain research.

To make it more complicated, the stains were on dark colors. In my mind, that ruled out bleach. But did it? What if I put just a splash of bleach into the washer along with my beloved Dreft (no dyes! no perfumes!) and ran the water awhile and THEN put in the dark wash?

And so I tried it. And it worked! The stains are gone, the colors still look good and nothing smells chlorine-y.

And how sad is it that I'm excited about this?


purple_kangaroo said...

Supposedly studies show that bleach used occasionally is actually safe for most colored items.

And, I've heard that non-chlorine bleach is really only effective if it's used with every load (which I never do).

The Bears said...

We have to run tell Jim! He collects stains!

*side-discussion of Bears*

Uh, we mean he collects ways to treat stains.

Yeah, that's what we mean.

OK Bye

Jenn said...

This is very exciting. I like tips!

DevilMacDawg said...

Not sad at all. Bleach is the ultimate cleaner for so many things. So good to know, in fact, that I'm excited too.

Angie said...

I add a tisp of bleach when needed to dark clothes too. I use it sparingly because I come from a bleach happy mother who often over used it and we ended up with different colored socks - one red and one pink, one black and one grey, etc. I know you get the idea.

halloweenlover said...

This is huge news indeedy, especially with the newborn and spitup and poop on the way!