Friday, January 26, 2007

School report

Thank you all so much for your recipes! Keep 'em coming!

School looks good this semester. I've got an interview today with my service placement, and that will wrap up this introductory week.

I'm going to have a ton of work to do, so my blogging may be light, but I'll be visiting and commenting at your sites. And I will definitely be whining. Oh, how I will be whining. "My baaaackpaaaack is sooooooo heavy" snivel. whine. moan.


KLee said...

Did you ever see my post at my place about the easy Ground Beef Egg Rolls? This is NOT a time-saving recipe, which is why I didn't realy it here, but it's yours if you want it. Just make sure that you cook this one on the weekends, when you have more time. :)

coffeypot said...

I had to go to night school to get my degree. So when I got off work I grabbed my trusty Snickers Bar. It is best for what ails ya. The rest of the family, you ask. Well, I bet the barn has a whole pile of oats somewhere in there, and I'm sure there are leftovers somewhere. They could also stand outside a resturant looking in windows, licking their lips until someone invited them in.

Jenn said...

A heavy backpack makes you WISER!

Little known fact.

Okay, and you know what else makes you wiser, those precooked chickens from the supermarket. Yep. With fries.

Camera Obscura said...

Input is on the other post.

purple_kangaroo said...

I hope the interview goes well. I'll see if I can think of any recipes for you that aren't already posted on my food blog.