Saturday, January 06, 2007

Tales of a sunny Saturday

Muffin Man and I went on an excursion this morning on our neighborhood bike path, enjoying the weather (sunny, 68 degrees F). Him on his bicycle, me walking. Him in his pjs (at first I told him "no", but then I thought "WWMD?*" and I let him). Me in ripped jeans and an aloha shirt. We went in a direction we seldom go, away from the closest of the several playgrounds.

On our way out he rode s l o w l y. I kept saying, "I'm walking! You're riding! You should be way ahead of me! Pedal! Pedal! Pedal!" He kept saying, "I'm going too fast, Mama!"

As we moseyed along, we said hello to everyone we met and he pet every dog he saw (with permission of the owners). He complained it was "too hard" to pedal and wanted me to push. I told him he was welcome to walk, but he'd have to push his bicycle, so he just kept pedaling s l o w l y. And then we got to the first of the further-away playgrounds. SWINGS! SLIDES! RUNNING!

"Do you want to go to the next playground?" Zoom! On to his bicycle! Helmet on! Pedalling!

At the next playground, there was a worshipful 2-year-old named Max who though MM was a god. He mimicked MM's every move, and MM was really really very nice to him, slowing down for him and being very gentle. When Max left, MM ran around furiously for a few minutes and then...zoom! on to his bicycle! helmet on! pedalling for home.

I had to run to catch up the all the way home.

And MM stayed in his pyjamas the whole day.

I hope it's as warm and sunny tomorrow.

*What Would Moxie Do?


Genevieve said...

So terrific! A great motivator, you are (and playgrounds are).

Jenn said...

That sounds AWESOME!