Thursday, January 04, 2007

This post brought to you by El Nino and a cancellation

My sister is in town! She arrived Tuesday evening for a 4-day conference and meeting extravaganza. "No time for a visit this time," she said glumly when I spoke to her New Year's Day.
"Call me if you get a cancellation," I said. "It's flu season, surely one of your appointments will cancel."
"That's right! You're on vacation!"
"Yep! I can come into town at a moment's notice!"

And that's exactly what happened. By 9:00 this morning, she knew she had a couple of hours free at 3:30. I hopped into the car, drove to the metro, and ran right to her.

We ate outdoors. With our coats off. In short-sleeved shirts. In January. The weather monkeys say it's not global warming, just El Nino and the jet stream and enjoy it while it lasts. Well, we enjoyed every last bit of it. Especially BigSister, who lives in the frozen north. Up a steep dirt road. That is covered in snow 5 months of the year and mud 2 months. (Hey! Do you know what they do in the frozen north for the summer? No, what? If it falls on a weekend, they have a picnic!) But they sure do have purty leaves.

And after we talked and ate and talked some more and admired the weather and commented on the machine gun-wielding secret service agents in the motorcade that had gone by while BigSister was waiting for me, I popped her into a taxi and sent her off to her next appointment.

And then I bought a book for the train ride back. The latest in the Deborah Knott series. It's excellent. I nearly missed my stop!

And then played with MM and I ate some excellent beef stroganoff (MS made it using the last of the leftover prime rib) and then it was MM's bedtime. And then I finished the book. I'm not gonna give the plot away, y'all, but you really must read Margaret Maron if you haven't read her already. I know I've talked to you about her before. Here's a good place to start. Or here. Or here.

So truly an excellent day.

Tomorrow MM starts in Jr. Kindegarten!! He just got promoted from Pre-K. He's going to have a locker and everything. He's pretty psyched.


Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

Isn't this weather crazy?! Yesterday, I took Small Dog for a vet checkup... we walked to the vet's office (a 20 min. walk) 'cause it was so gorgeous.

Genevieve said...

I read the first couple of Deborah Knott books on your recommendation and enjoyed them very much. Need to read more when I get a chance.

Yay for cancelled appts, Jr. Kindergarten, and a good stroganoff recipe that I'm printing out right now!

purple_kangaroo said...

That sounds so marvelous. I'm glad you got to see your sister.

Mummy/Crit said...

Good on you and your sister. This weather is weird - it keeps being unseasonably cool here, and we almost had a white Christmas. There were hailstormd on NYE that turned everything white.