Monday, March 12, 2007

Crafty Meme

As seen at Quinn the Brain's

March is National Craft Month.

What do you do? I knit.
Who taught you? My sister's sister-in-law (UsesDifferentCommonNickNameForOurMutual FirstName).
What was your first project? I think I knitted a scarf first (there's a picture of that scarf somewhere around - I knitted it while on vacation in Mexico with my family).
What are you working on now? I'm making a pig for Muffin Man. He found some yarn in my stash that he wanted me to knit into something for him. I was willing to use it to make stripes or polka dots along with other colors, but he remembered he hates wearing scarves or sweaters. So, a pig.
Future plans? Make something pretty for myself, and a hat for MS to match the scarf.


Kristin said...

I wish I had something to contribute! I found knitting addicting because of the wools, but never really took to the process... does coloring count?:-)

Yankee, Transferred said...

That blue wool is beautiful.

Sheila said...

Oh, which pig? I like the Debbie Bliss ones in Toy Knits (have knit 5)

liz said...

It's the pig from page 61 in Debbie Bliss's Kids' Country Knits.

I don't have enough of the yarn to make up the big pig, unfortunately.

Jenn said...

I didn't know it was crafy month! Whoo!