Saturday, March 24, 2007

I'd have left my head there if it weren't attached

Went to the mall today to buy socks and underwear for Muffin Man, and to return some items I bought online from Land's End last week (did you know you can return stuff from Land's End to Sears?). So, we return the items at Sears, and we head into the mall on the lower level to see if there is any chance we can get MM's hair cut at Cartoon Cuts (right next door to Sears). No chance, the line is out the door. So we head on over to Penney's and on our way we pass a watch repair place. Now, my watch and MM's watch are both in need of new batteries and, miracle of miracles, I actually had both watches with me. I KNOW! THAT NEVER HAPPENS! So we leave the watches and promise to come back on our way out to pick them up.

Finally, we get to Penney's, we buy the socks and underpants (Superman, if you're curious), and we make an attempt at buying flip-flops for him too. They don't have his size, so we decide to hit Old Navy (on the upper level) on our way back to Sears. We do so, we find flip-flops that fit and are Five! Dollars! Less! than at Penney's (which makes me think we shoulda bought the socks and undies there too, but c'est la vie), and we go back out to the car through Sears.

Two hours later, I look at my wrist and think, "I AM SUCH A DOUCHEBAG!"

At that point, MS is on his way to a meeting, so MM and I hop back into the car to go back to the mall to pick up the watches. We get them (and get a couple of extra holes punched in his wrist band while we're at it), and head on back towards the car but we pass Cartoon Cuts and notice that this time there is no line, in fact the place is pretty empty, so we get MM a haircut. So it wasn't a total waste of time after all.


Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

You are not a douchebag. :-)

Eva said...

That's a good tip about Sears.

See? Everything happens for a reason!

Camera Obscura said...

My dress watch is still sitting in the not-used-for-the-last-2-years purse that I was carrying the last time it needed a new battery. Whoops.

I quit going to the mall nearly so much after the closed our JC Penneys a couple of years ago. And now that Macys bought out the May Co., there's even less reason.

Genevieve said...

I would've done that but not gotten back to get the watches for a couple days . . . and good job getting the haircut then too!

purple_kangaroo said...

Sounds like a pretty typical day, here. :)