Friday, March 30, 2007

Internship by the numbers

Hours I've done so far: 119

Hours I needed to do: 135

Weeks I have left to do the remaining 16: 4.85

Calls I've entered into the database: 102

Double-side, hole-punched copies I've made: 4 Billion.

People I've personally made feel better because I was where I was: 3

It's all been worthwhile, people.


susan said...

I think if you consider the number that should go with "People I've personally made feel better because I was where I was:" it is way bigger than 3, although I realize you're writing about your internship. But really, your voice makes me laugh and smile so often...definitely makes me better.

Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

What she said.

liz said...

Thank you both. I'm blushing!

HAM*I*AM said...

LOL at the copies...btdt...when my office had an intern this fall, I made sure to give her tasks of significance and not just "please copy this" kinds of mind-numbing things to do.

And ditto the other gals - blogging (and your other roles in real life) makes that number much higher :)

purple_kangaroo said...

You're my hero. And you can add me to the "people you've made feel better" list, too. Especially this week. Thanks.