Thursday, August 16, 2007

The post of catching up UPDATED!

  1. Went to my MIL's for a few days in Humidity Like A Brick Wall Region
  2. Saw KLee! Here's proof!
  3. MM came awfully close to actually using an airsick bag. Fortunately, vomit was averted. He kept the bag near his face for a half-hour though.
  4. De1ta lost our luggage on the way home, but delivered it to us after midnight.
  5. Took MM to the doctor's this AM. No infection it seems, so they sent us to have an x-ray. Altogther, it was about 3 hours of office time.
  6. Doctor hasn't called us. Answering machine is saying to try back during office hours and then clearly says that THESE ARE OFFICE HOURS. Sheesh.
  7. Leaving for NYC tomorrow for Grandpa Professor Emeritus's memorial.
  8. Mom wanted me to find a picture of MM and GPE together. Unfortunately, while there are plenty of pictures of MM at GPE's house, there doesn't seem to be any of them together. Fourteen of MM with Late Sweet Dog, but none with GPE. Photoshop, anyone? MS FOUND SOME!!! MS FOUND SOME!!! WOOOHOOO!
  9. I'm doing laundry.
  10. MM and I will go and buy new sneakers for him tonight. His current ones smell of old dead cat pee and they're too small to boot. (Ha! Boot! Sneakers! I crack me up.)
  11. He is now 45 inches tall and a whopping 40.5 pounds. He comes up to my armpit, but I can still carry him through an airport.

Nu? How's by you?


KLee said...

Glad to see that you got home okay, though poor MM and the almost-airsickness. Poor baby. Did his new "plane toys" mke him feel any better?

As for the picture -- why are we grinning at the camera when our backs were turned? :)

For your luggage, weren't we just talking about how you can't get anywhere anymore without going through Atlanta?

Sorry that you don't have any pics of GPE and MM together.

Glad you're home, glad you're okay. Be careful on your trip to NYC.

susan said...

I'm so sorry about GPE. I hope the memorial is a comfort.

And I hope MM enjoys his new shoes.

Suniverse said...

Argh - how frustrating that you don't have any pictures. I worry that G won't have any of me and her - there are very few from when she was little because I'm ALWAYS behind the camera.

I second Susan's hope that the memorial brings you comfort.


KLee said...

Yay for husbands who find pictures! Good work, Mr. S!

Sarah said...

funerals, pee-smelling sneakers and air sickness? Oh my!

ccw said...

So glad you were able to find pictures of MM and GPE together.

NSBH just got new shows that light! up! She shows everyone.

I saw a woman pushing her teenage son in the cart at Home Depot last night so MM will never be too big for you to tote him around. (there was nothing wrong with the son - he was there by choice)

hamiam said...

busy..busy...hooray for MS!! (uhm as in your hubs, and not the debilitating disease...oops)

Jim said...

Glad you got home okay. And glad Mr. S was able to find a picture of MM with GPE.

I can't believe MM is so tall! :-O

Have a safe trip back up to NYC. And hopefully more airline-friendly.

Miche said...

Jealous of the bloggy playdate!

Hope the trip home was uneventful!

Sue said...

Add me to the list of jealous-of-bloggy-playdate people. Great picture!!

purple_kangaroo said...

I love that you and KLee got to meet. So when are you coming out here to the PacNW? :)

Yankee T said...

Glad you (MS) found the photo. Very important.