Friday, November 30, 2007


MM is hibernating today. He's in school in his jammies, fuzzy bear slippers, and sleeping bag with Paddington* watching Brother Bear.

Can I hibernate too?

* a bear was specified in the instructions for the day. "Can I bring Boo instead?" he asked his teacher. "Ghosts don't hibernate," she said. "What about my fox?" queried my little rebel. "We really are talking about how bears hibernate," said his teacher. Hmmpf.


Yankee T said...

I love MM

Mummy/Crit said...

Oooh. How cool. I'd have to estivate though, which doesn't sound as good. However, avoiding the heat would be nice. So would sleeping for months at a time.

jenn said...

Hee! Bears!

(Ps: I can't find lemonheads. Maybe we don't have them here. But I think I'm coming out the other side of the nausea, so maybe I'll stock up next time.. er, if there is a next time.)