Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I got muscles

I have three favorite muscles:

1. Gastrocnemius (origin - medial & lateral condyles of the femur; insertion - calcaneous; action - plantar flexion of the foot). This is the muscle that looks good when you wear high heels. I have a particularly good set left over from when I used to skateboard long ago.

2. Brachioradialis (origin - lateral ridge of distal humerus; insertion - styloid process of radius; action - flexion of forearm). This muscle is one I know well from my job at Haagen Daz lo these many years ago. Go ahead, pretend to scoop some ice cream - see that muscle there on your forearm? The one that's popping out? That's the Brachioradialis.

3. Sternocleidomastoid (origin - manubrium of sternum and medial portion of clavicle; insertion - mastoid process of the temporal bone; action - flexion of head (when acting as a pair), rotation of head to opposite shoulder (acting alone)). I like this one just because of its name. It's a great name.


kathy a. said...

those are some cool muscles. and you KNOW your readers are flexing them as they read. at least, this one.

hamiam said...

LOL - ditto Kathy A....

Good for you to utilize your blog as a memory aid! I tried to be a study guide with my sister (also seeking a psych degree) on the phone last week when she called me, but when she figured me out, she was all, "Ewww, that is exactly what I was trying to avoid!!" LOL...I personally think she should see the merit in an older sister who still remembers all that stuff ;-) and capitalize on it!