Saturday, November 24, 2007


One tooth. Bottom left.

Incident report.
On or about the night of November 22nd, one Muffin Man bit into a slightly unripe macintosh. He then complained of pain and bleeding at the front toothal area. A female parent was dispatched to the scene and discovered that the tooth, formerly fixed firmly in the oral cavity, was now loose and wiggly.

Various Jewish relatives kvelled over the impending adulthood of Muffin Man. Estimations of when said tooth would release its hold on the gomphosis were given, the earliest estimate being Monday, November 26. Noodles and ice cream cake were applied.

According to the report of Muffin Man's female parent, Muffin Man continued to complain of pain whenever turkey was suggested as a palliative. More noodles were applied. At toothbrushing time on November 23rd, gentle brushing dislodged the tooth completely. The tooth was placed in a drawstring bag under Muffin Man's pillow and has not been seen since. Four quarters were mysteriously left in its place.


kathy a. said...

woo hooo! the tooth fairy strikes again! what lucky timing, for the tooth to become loose in the presence of multiple adoring relatives!

jenn said...

Four quatres. I approve. In some homes I believe the parents employed an strange variety of tooth fairy. A fairy leaving upwards of $5.

And I have a rather horrid story with an uncle, a loose tooth, some string, and a doorknob.

Knob being the key word here.

Gary Oxford said...

Next up on Law and Order:SDU (special dental unit), the case of the missing molar. Guest stars Rita Moreno as the Tooth Fairy and Rip Torn as her crusty but lovable lawyer.

Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

Big boy, he is! And I, too, am glad to hear the going rate for teeth is just $1.

Genevieve said...

Turkey as a palliative -- interesting approach. My guy would've suggested chocolate.

kathy a. said...

i'm also impressed by the tooth fairy sticking to a reasonable rate for teeth.

daughter lost her first tooth at a birthday party. the birthday boy's parents are both dentists, so the situation was well in hand! i'm pretty sure the dental parents would not recommend uncles with doorknobs. they did, however, recommend chocolate cake and ice cream, the cure-all for everything.

susan said...

Hmm . Curious Girl is claiming that the tooth fairy leaves baby sisters behind. But not in your neighborhood, I see.

halloweenlover said...

Awww, he is such a big boy! How did this happen?