Sunday, November 04, 2007

One and a wake-up.

Today we stuffed paper into plastic. We stuffed paper-stuffed plastic into boxes and then we sent the boxes out with good friends walkingwalkingwalking to various places so that lots of people could wake up tomorrow to see the paper-plastic decorating their doors.

While they were out doing that, I was home making 10 bundles of this and 10 bundles of that and 10 bundles of stickers folded nice and flat. I boxed those up and sent them on their way to be bundled with other people's bundles to be distributed all day Tuesday at assorted schools.

Then I packed MM's suitcase. He's spending the night at my SIL's tomorrow and she'll deliver him to school on Tuesday. He's got 5 or 6 books with him, and "Unicorny" and "Little Guy" and "Worf". He's all set.

If everyone who says they like us comes out, we're going to rock this town!!! I really hope they all come out!


Genevieve said...

Oooh, almost there! Thinking of you guys, and will be watching the results!

kathy a. said...

crossing fingers!

Madeleine said...

They gotta, they gotta, they gotta come out!

hamiam said...

aiBig day's almost here!!!

Can't wait to hear!

Jody said...

Oh, I DO hope they come out for you. Yes I do.

Yankee T said...

Got my fingers crossed for y'all! Sending big hugs.