Wednesday, December 19, 2007

C, C+, B

Meh. I'm okay with it. I still have a 3.54 GPA. I wish I could have done better but, MS points out that the World's Best Camp pain Man ager (who's getting his master's at Nearby U) got an A+ for his work on the Camp pain. And that if I could have gotten scholastic credit for it, I'd have gotten an A+ too.

Ah well. Time to start applying to Grad schools.

Work was boring but good. No e-mail. No internet. I got work done and twiddled my thumbs. Taking the bus was good too. I'm bringing my knitting tomorrow. I hope I can get it through security.


Miranda said...


You worked very hard this semester and you learned many different things, most of which is not going to show up in a blue book. You are so much more than any grade could ever tell one about you.

Enjoy your break and best of luck with graduate school.

Fellow Student-Mama

KLee said...

I'm sorry that the grades didn't reflect your commitment to your education. Take a look at the REST of your grades, and you will see a more representative slice of your academic career.

You are still top banana in our book! We're so proud of you!

Eva said...

Oh goodness, you had so much going on. And your GPA is fantastic! Apply away! Maybe even though you don't have the internet (??? I can't imagine) at your temp job you can fill out some forms for grad school.

Magpie said...

I had a hard time bringing knitting needles through security at the Dept. of Ed - the woman wanted to know if they were sharp. I told her, "I'd have a hard time breaking the skin if I stabbed you with them".

You're doing great in school - and you had a huge other obligation this semester. Enjoy your break.

Gary Oxford said...

You're still a superstar in my book. And back when I used to teach, Cell Bio was the class that always ate my best students' lunch. It really needed to be a 2 semester class.

Genevieve said...

What everyone else said -- your overall GPA is terrific, and grad schools will see (particularly if you write an essay about all you did do this semester in addition to school?) the whole picture.

Sue said...

I can only echo what everyone else here has said. You rock!!

hamiam said...

I had a semester like this as an undergrad - and it broke my heart. While it is hard to accept when one is such a natural student, sometimes we have to step back and remember school isn't in a vaccuum and those other things that make up life do get in the way at times - and then, what is most important, eh?


You are a smart cookie, dedicated to everything you set your mind to - and you will succeed. Also, you will probably find that undergrad GPA isn't as important as you might think. I know I did.