Monday, December 17, 2007

More about the blasted pink crap

I sent an email to Hasbro through their customer support link on their website (not an easy site in which to find the "contact us" button). I hope they get the message.

I'm also wondering...I boycott W@lm@rt of course and I'm thinking I'm going to start boycotting the pink plastic crap. I'm not buying it for my son. I'm not buying it for his friends. I'm not buying it for my neighbors.

If it's pink, I'm not buying it.

If it's shelved only in the pink ghetto, I'm not buying it.

I'll buy it in blue. I'll buy it in purple. I'll buy it in De1g@udi0 orange, for crying out loud. But I'm not buying anything, ANYTHING in pink.


3carnations said...

This is more a comment about your initial post about pink stuff, that your son sometimes wants some of it. It drives me nuts that somewhere along the line pink became a pseudo-taboo color for boys. My son wanted a pair of pink socks from the Children's Place. I refuse to tell him pink is for girls, but I don't want him to be picked on by other kids, or God forbid get a comment about it from one of his teachers (when he was a baby I heard one teacher chastise another for putting one of the boys in a pink bib - Who cares?!?). I simply turned his attention to another color. Sometimes I wish I could buy him a pair of pink socks without worrying about how others' reactions will affect him. No one cares if girls wear blue socks. It's ridiculous...

Magpie said...

I'm not shopping the pink ghetto either. Ever.

Though I've been thinking a lot about princesses, and am shocked at how much princessy crap has crept into my house. (It's actually not much, but each tiny crumb irks me.)

liz said...

I completely agree with you. Which is why I sometimes have bought pink for him...but now I'm just not buying pink for anyone. Not for me or for my friends or for cute little sweet babies.


ccw said...

Kid L and NSBH both love TLPS. I had not even paid attention to the fact that it is not even remotely gender neutral. When did animals and electronic pets become only for girls?

Pink shirts are still in style for boys/men or so the department stores say.

kathy a. said...

i don't like the other pink, either -- the one that made one kind of cancer all cute and fluffy and girly. buying a pink spatula [or whatever, the other pink sells all kinds of crap] is not going to cure it, and it's not going to make it less sucky.

jenn said...

Ha! Somewhat tangent...

Grandma: if you have a boy, you can take this appliqué off the sleeper (second hand).

Me: well grandma, I'm not too fussed with dressing my baby in blue or pink. I'm just glad to have some clothes!

Grandma: well, you can put a girl in blue, but you CAN'T PUT A BOY IN PINK!

Me: er, yeah. *shoves sleeper in bag and smiles knowing she'll put whatever is CLEAN on the beeb.*

Eva said...

It's amazing how ingrained this stuff is. And yes, all the pink--it's everywhere. Especially the new stuff. If you buy used, it seems to be more primary colors in the thrift stores.

S. said...

Z. loves purple, but to get a purple binky in her favored brand, you now have to buy a pink one at the same time.

If she's not with me, I buy a blue/yellow or aqua/green pack, but if she's with me we can't bypass the purple. Trust me, some fights are not worth it.

I confess I have twice bought the girly-packaged set and thrown the pink one away because it's bad enough seeing a binky in her mouth without the binky also being PINK.

Genevieve said...

Hooray for you!

When I buy presents for friends' kids who are girls, or girl relatives, I never get anything from the pink ghetto. I go for non-gendered games (yay Cranium!) or books.

I do like Ello building toys, which are aimed at girls, but they are not all pink and frilly (well, most sets - I didn't buy the fairy sets), nor are they in the pink aisle. I gave them to some girls who loved them. They had little customizing stickers to make things into cities or jungles etc. - fun and creative. But no reason a boy couldn't use them too.