Sunday, December 09, 2007

Weekend Update

Taking a two-minute break from cramming for Cell Bio to bring you random bullets of What's Up:
  • Public areas of house are neat and clean (stairs still need to be vacuumed).
  • MakesBooksForGrandkids and SingsLullabyes were here and great fun was had including:
  • Putting up the tree
  • Opening some Christmas gifts with MBFG & SL
  • MM putting on a show!
  • I banged my elbow so hard last night, I thought I'd chipped a bone. Kept ice packs and frozen blueberries on it all evening. It's much better now, but that whole side of my body is fireplacing sore.
  • Pin Art can keep a 5-year-old boy occupied for hours.
  • These toys can keep a 49-year-old boy occupied for hours.

See you folks later this week!


Magpie said...

What are you majoring in?

MakesBooksForGrandkids might like this site:

jenn said...

That pinart is not what I thought it would be. But yes, I worked at a store that sold those and people would hang out forever playing with them!

ccw said...

Hope your elbow is feeling better. That is such a horrible place to hurt.

Glad the common areas of your house our clean. I always feel accomplished if the visible part of my house is clean. Then I feel like I wouldn't be embarrased if someone stopped by unexpectedly.

Yeah for gifts! I can't wait for Christmas morning. Santa did good this year.