Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

I've introduced MM to the joy that is Bugs Bunny. He now knows what we mean when we say, "Pronoun Trouble".

Also, I've started a new weekend tradition: we're going to bake something every weekend (if possible). Last weekend, it was chocolate chip pecan almond cookies; this weekend it was cheese-cake brownies.

Also, the public areas of our house are neat and clean. Our new year's resolution is to be able to have guests over at a moment's notice. Our primary goal is to not have to madly clean and straighten for MM's b-day on Feb. 1. One month. CAN WE DO IT? The answer will be posted in a later episode!

Also, MS is officially an official. As of 12:00:01 this morning! We parked in his special reserved spot last night when we all went to First Night (good magician, juggling, and "reptiles alive!").

All my best to you and yours for this bright new year. Only 385 days until that nightmare is gone. May he be replaced by someone who doesn't have the initials MH. Can I hear an amen?


kathy a. said...

yay! excellent about the baking, teh public areas, the officialness, and the new year!

not sure what the MH stands for [i'm slow] but you have an amen on the sentiment.

Gary Oxford said...

Re: Bugs Bunny

I'm glad you're taking your son's education seriously. Too many people ignore the classics. Over here, about the funniest thing I've ever heard was when Gerry, one morning after watching Tweety and Sylvester, said "Hello, breakfast" when I put his bowl of Froot Loops in front of him.

Re: Cheese-cake brownies

I'll be right over.

Happy New Year!

hamiam said...


(Kathy A. - it's for Mike Huckabee)

I am also in on the let's be able to have company over on a moment's notice resolution.

Andrea said...

Happy New Year!

Genevieve said...

Happy New Year!
Yay MS the official!
Yay MM the knower of Bugs!
And I'm in on that resolution too, though we're nowhere near there yet, but I made big progress on it this week.

jo(e) said...

Happy New Year!

Magpie said...


Bugs Bunny, aka "The Bug Rabbit" in our house. We've got a double disk DVD of many Looney Tunes.

Next up, the Marx Brothers?

And happy new year to you!

Yankee T said...


Eva said...

I'd say "Amen," but you know how I'm a hardcore atheist and all.

I think the baking sounds great. I've been doing more baking myself (lately cornbread) and oh yes.