Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I can do that.

Debangel said: "You know what would be a great "April Fools"-type idea in this theme? The first sentence from a bunch of sappy romance novels!" Well....some of these are more sappy then others. There are a few that you probably never heard of. There are a few you definitely have heard of. And there is a joke in here. See if you can find it!

  1. At the turn of the century the Bigmount Brick Company hired new arrivals from Eastern Europe to work in the New Jersey clay pits.
  2. The sirens were shrill.
  3. "A fox got in amongst the hens last night, and ravished our best layer," remarked Miss Lanyon.
  4. Dear King Alexander, My name is Nicole Krenski, and I am your illegitimate daughter.
  5. No man knew when the Shuttle began its slow and heavy weaving from shore to shore, that it was held and guided by the great hand of Fate.
  6. The woman caught a glimpse of movement through the dusty haze ahead and wondered if it was the wolf she had seen loping in front of them earlier.
  7. Follow the coast road to Greystones, turn right at Blacklion, and watch out for the traffic haring up from the town -- some of the drivers buy their licenses at the post office.
  8. I watched her for three days, sitting by myself in the park underneath an elm tree, beside an empty fountain with a series of uneaten sandwiches in my lap and my purse at my side.
  9. An iridescent confetti of snow tarnished by sodium arc light sifts from the void over the glowing horizontal bulk of Greenspark Academy.
  10. "When Blaze awoke she found herself lying on a silken soft surface amid the seductive scent of strange perfumes."


Magpie said...

Is it April already?!?!?

Again, stumped. But intrigued.

Susan said...

I'm pretty sure #8 is Little Earthquakes. Beyond that, I am completely stumped.

liz said...

Dingdingding!!! Susan is right!