Saturday, January 26, 2008

Knitting for MM is awesome.

I started a scarf at noon yesterday sitting by the fire at a local coffee shop place waiting for a friend who never showed. Still haven't heard from her, actually. I hope she's okay.

ANYwhoooo, I started knitting this scarf for MM. It's made of the same yarn that I used for his daddy's scarf and I'm using the Mistake Rib stitch (you know, multiples of 4 and then an extra stitch at the end...k2P2 and always P the last stitch. Always start with a k.) It's 25 stitches wide and it's looking gorgeous. And here's the best part. 25 stitches wide means 100 stitches is 4 rows. With this yarn and #10 needles, I'm getting 4 rows/inch.

Ladies and gentlemen, this scarf is a yard long as of this writing.

Knitting for kids is AWESOME!!


debangel said...

Pictures! We want pictures!! It sounds adorable. I am envious, I wish I knew how to knit! (My great-grandma tried to teach me, but I'm a lefty and got everything backwards.)

kathy a. said...

i second the motion for photos! all i know is crochet, but haven't even done that in a million years. sigh.