Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Here are first sentences from some children's books* I happen to have lying around...Tell me which book the sentence comes from!

1) When Mary Lennox was sent to Misselthwaite Manor to live with her uncle, everybody said she was the most disagreeable-looking child ever seen.

2) It was Mrs. May who first told me about them.

3) Cedric himself knew nothing whatever about it.

4) The little old kitchen had quieted down from the bustle and confusion of midday; and now, with its afternoon manners on, presented a holiday aspect that, as the principal room in the brown house, it was eminently proper it should have.

5) The primroses were over.

6) "Did Mama sing every day," asked Caleb.

7) Ba-room, ba-room, ba-room, baripity, baripity, baripity -- Good.

8) The first Wednesday in every month was a Perfectly Awful Day -- a day to be awaited with dread, endured with courage and forgotten with haste.

*Children's books, in this context means one or both of two things, either it is a book written for children, or it is a book that I read and enjoyed before I was 12. You may disagree with my definition. All the books used for this quiz existed 30 or more years ago and are republished frequently, though I don't guarantee that they are currently in print.


Annika said...

1) The Secret Garden

4) Five Little Peppers And How They Grew

liz said...

I was soooo sure no one would get Five Little Peppers!

-R- said...

Freaking A! I knew the first one was The Secret Garden and was going to impress you with my knowledge, but I see Annika beat me.

allison said...

1)The Secret Garden
6)Sarah, Plain and Tall
8)Daddy Longlegs

I accidentally peeked and saw the answer to # 4, which I cannot believe I didn't recognize! And I suspect that #3 is Little Lord Fauntleroy?

Annika said...

I was so sure of it that I thought I must be wrong and checked the book before I commented.

liz said...

Ooh, Allison! Nicely done. And Annika! You slay me!

I can see that I can get more obscure with you guys.

Angie said...

1. The Secret Garden
2. The Borrowers
3. Little Lord Fauntleroy
4. Five Little Peppers and How They Grew
5. Watership Down (I think)?
6. Sarah, Plain and Tal (one of my favs)
7. Bridge to Terabithia - we haven't been long read this one again
8. I honestly have no clue LOL

purple_kangaroo said...

OK, I'm trying not to look at all the previous comments here . . .

1. The Secret Garden

2. The Borrowers

3. Little Lord Fauntleroy

4. Five Little Peppers (one of my favorite childhood books, that I didn't think many people knew about--AJ is actually reading it right now)

5. I knew I should know this one, but I had to look it up in a search engine--Watership Down.

6. Sarah Plain and Tall

7. I should have known this one, too, but had to peek. I remember thinking it was an odd beginning for a book when I read it.

8. Haven't read this one. But now I want to!