Saturday, January 05, 2008


At nearly 38 years, 10 months old, I am 59" tall and 125 lbs.
At over 5 years, 11 months old, MM is 45" tall and 40 lbs.

He grew a quarter inch in less than a month. Looks like he got his genes from his grandmothers' fathers.


Gary Oxford said...

According to my calculations, he'll pass you in height when he's 8 and in weight when he's 20, at which point he'll be 10 feet tall, so I may want to re-think my calculations. Anyway, as the fellow parent of a couple of skinny sprouting weeds, I hope you have better luck keeping MM in clothes that fit than we do with Sammy and Gerry.

liz said...

Yep. He'll be a basketball star. And I'll be down here living vicariously through my tall son.

Well...maybe not a basketball star. But he'll certainly be taller than ME!